Research Team

Research TeamProject Team

Hannah Slovin, Jennifer Jacobs, Nanette Seago and Karen Koellner at Hawaii LTG PD

Primary Investigators

Jennifer Jacobs is a research faculty associate in the Institute of Cognitive Science at the University of Colorado Boulder and the Principal Investigator for the Learning and Teaching Geometry PD Efficacy Study. She also contributed to Jen website picthe original development and pilot study of the LTG materials. Previously Jennifer was the Principal Investigator on an NSF study to investigate the sustainability and scalability of the Problem-Solving Cycle, a site-based PD program for mathematics teachers. Together with Karen Koellner and other colleagues, Jennifer co-authored a book on the Problem-Solving Cycle called Mathematics Professional Development: Improving Teaching Using the Problem-Solving Cycle and Leadership Preparation Models.

Karen KoellnerKaren pic, a Professor at Hunter College City University of New York, has been designing and researching mathematics professional development models for the past 20 years. These models are focused on supporting secondary teachers to deeply learn mathematical content and practices with the goal of providing access and high quality instruction to students in all contexts. Dr. Koellner is currently the PI for the NSF-funded study, Taking a Deep Dive: Investigating PD Impact on What Teachers Take Up and Use in Their Classrooms, and a Co PI for The Learning and Teaching Geometry Efficacy project. Dr. Koellner coauthored a book entitled, Mathematics professional development: Improving teaching using the problem-solving cycle and leadership preparation models.

Nanette Seago  currently serves as co-PI for the DRK-12 NSF Learning and Teaching Geometry PD Materials Efficacy study. Previously she served as PI for the DRK-12 Learning and Teaching Geometry Videocases for Mathematics Professional Development project, and Seagoas Co-PI for an IES project: Linear Functions for Teaching: An Efficacy Study of Learning and Teaching Linear Functions. of Practice-Based Professional Development. In 2002, Seago collaborated with LessonLab in the development of the TIMSS-R public release videos and the design of an online course sponsored by Intel Corporation entitled: TIMSS Video Studies: Explorations of Algebra Teaching. She has published two books: Learning and Teaching Linear Functions: Video Cases for Mathematics Professional Development, and Examining Mathematics Practice through Classroom Artifacts.

Graduate Students

Chao Wang, Ph.D., is a post-doctoral researcher in the department of Educational Equity and CuChaoltural Diversity in the University of Colorado at Boulder. She specializes in the linguistic and sociocultural issues that are relevant to the academic success of cultural and linguistically diverse students. Her experiences include over nine years of work in IES and NSF-funded projects on developing and evaluating measures of formative assessment practices, reading methods for English Learners in different subject areas, classroom formative assessments of English Learners, and professional development on teacher classroom behaviors.

Silu Hu graduated from department of Policy and Social Analysis aSilut Columbia University. My major is Economics and Education. I have gained the basic and core skills on educational policy research and data analysis from my study. I’m also very interested in teaching and have several years teaching experience.

Professional Development Facilitator

Hannah Slovin

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