About The LTG Efficacy Study

Study Overview

The LTG Efficacy Study aims to explore the effectiveness of the Learning and Teaching Geometry PD program using a randomized, experimental design in order to determine whether the Learning and Teaching Geometry PD produces a beneficial impact on teachers’ mathematics knowledge, classroom teaching practices, and their students’ knowledge in the domain of geometry. The sample will be comprised of approximately 140 mathematics teachers (serving grades 6-12) and their students. Half of the teachers will be randomly assigned to take part in the LTG PD in the first intervention year and half will take part in the second intervention year. The intervention consists of the entire LTG PD program, including a one-week summer institute and four days of academic year follow-up sessions beginning in June 2016.

 Professional Development 

  • 5 day summer institute (30 hours)
  • 4 days of academic year follow-up PD (24 hours)
  • All PD will be delivered by a highly skilled facilitator provided by the study

Data Collection

  • Teacher background survey
  • Teacher geometry knowledge assessments (takes place during the workshop)
  • Videotaped classroom observations (3 total)
  • Student geometry knowledge assessments (approx 1 class period)
  • State administered student mathematics achievement test